online therapy is effective

Why is online therapy effective?

Over the last few years, online therapy – also referred to as teletherapy – has developed into an effective tool in the field of mental health care. Turns out, it offers clients numerous benefits over traditional face-to-face therapy.

Accessibility is one of the more obvious benefits of online therapy. Traditional therapy typically requires scheduling appointments and then traveling to and from a therapist’s office. Online therapy, on the other hand, allows individuals to access support from basically anywhere. So, the issues dealing with transportation, drive time, and personal mobility issues are dramatically reduced.

Because you can receive therapy from any therapist licensed in your state, and because these specialists aren’t always within an easy drive, online therapy provides access to a wider range of mental health specialists. You can more easily find experts in the conditions you’d like to treat and the modalities you’d like to explore. Examples include CBT, DBT, and mindfulness-based therapy.

Convenience is another huge benefit of online therapy. Clients dealing with busy schedules, providing childcare or eldercare, or living well outside of populated areas find online therapy to be a very welcome option.

While some clients prefer the face-to-face nature of therapy, others prefer the greater sense of anonymity and privacy that online therapy provides. Also, the comfort of your home can bring great relief to certain clients, which can make it easier to deal with any associated initial feelings of shame or embarrassment.

Online therapy can be more cost-effective than traditional therapy. Not only does it help eliminate the cost of transportation (gas, parking, bus ticket, etc), it also provides access to a wider range of providers, some of which may charge a lower rate.

So, as we touched upon, online therapy is effective due to its accessibility, convenience, privacy, customization, and cost-effectiveness. We provide both online therapy and in-person therapy, so just reach out to further discuss which option would best fit your life!

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