Change is all around us. It happens constantly. The Evolve Counseling Services office is moving locations this month, and this transition got me thinking about change. Not to mention, the pumpkin spice latte is back-a sure sign the seasons are changing and summer is giving way to fall.

Why We Don’t Like Change

I don’t know many people who welcome change with open arms. We seem to resist it if possible and desire to stick with what we know. Some people are more adaptable to change than others, but overall, change is hard for us. I started thinking about why we don’t like change. I informally interviewed colleagues and friends about this topic. This is what we came up with:

  • Change comes with uncertainty, and we like to know what’s going to happen.
  • Change threatens our sense of control. We may not be in the driver’s seat for a moment.
  • We like routine and stability.
  • There is comfort in consistency.
  • Change contains risk, and it not might pay off.

The Reframe

Yes, we can choose to fear the unknown and view change as scary. But, we have another option. We can reframe change as opportunity. It can be the start of something great. It doesn’t have to be a looming monster we fear. If we accept change and choose to see it as an opportunity, hope replaces fear.

Come See Our New Office

As I mentioned, the Evolve Counseling Services office is moving locations. I’m framing this transition as a wonderful opportunity and looking forward to getting settled in. We’ll be hosting an open house for the community to come see us. Hope to see you there. Details to come.


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